Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

Women who are looking for a simple breast lift without surgery may experience an overwhelming sense of hopelessness when they find out that most methods involve taking a variety of different drugs.

However, you are not alone! Many women who want to either enlarge or lift their breasts without the hassle and cost of surgery are now looking to new procedures which do not require a scalpel. Many women also shun surgery procedures as they deem surgical procedures to be unnatural as, sometimes, they result in unnaturally perfect breasts which appear to defy gravity. The irony of trying to alter your natural body whilst still making sure that it looks natural does not escape many but, that is the way the beauty industry is.

How to Enlarge Your Breasts without Surgery?

Macrolane is an injectable hyaluronic acid treatment which is used by clinics worldwide to shape both the body ad breast. It is advised for women who have breasts which are either an A, B or C cup. It is marketed as not requiring a general anaesthetic; a local anaesthetic is used to numb the area before the chemical is injected into the breast. It is relatively new but already positive reviews are flooding in. After all, why should surgery be essential to all breast-related procedures?

In Search of Naturalness

Now, if you think that, maybe Macrolane is not for you, you could always decide to have natural looking breast implants inserted. These implants tend to be shaped like actual breasts rather than perfectly round, obviously engineered ones. Whilst natural-looking breast implants may cost more, the perks of natural breast augmentation are unavoidable. After all, what is more grotesque than a women who has quite obviously had breast augmentation? You see, having breasts which appear to defy gravity by staring up at the viewer when you are aged sixty-five is both unnatural and extremely odd. Therefore, if you are going to have breast implants, you want to ensure that, they are shaped more like a teardrop than a balloon as well as ensuring that, your breasts do not become rock solid as breasts are supposed to be made out of fat tissue and not granite.

breast liftBreast Lift without Surgery

Now, if it’s just slightly perkier breasts that you are after, you will have to fork out very little, if any, of your hard-earned cash. You see, breasts aren’t all fat; underneath the fat is muscle. Unlike men, many women are not in the habit of working their pectoral muscles so, the muscles are somewhat depleted resulting in breast sagging. However, the unsightly sagging can be combated by exercises which target the pectoral muscles. Just using a chest press will help to lift and tone your breasts. This also helps women who wish to get smaller breasts by making them slightly smaller. To lift your breasts naturally you should also be careful with what you eat. Recent research has shown that, eating foods which are rich in phytoestrogens, which is a plant hormone that mimics oestrogen. This hormone can be found in a variety of foods such as lentil, soya and oats. It increases the firmness of breasts and prevents or rectifies sagging. Women are also advised to eat ‘healthy’ fats such as olive oil, nuts and seeds to maintain a healthy body weight as well as eating lean meat, fish and fruit and veg to maintain skin elasticity. Women who want to maintain ‘perky’ breasts should also avoid extreme diets as these often result in a depletion of fat loss from the breast area which can result in sagging.

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